Welcome to Dynamic Learning Solutions!


It is the mission of Dynamic Learning Solutions (DLS) to provide educational support and intervention to students with learning challenges. Additionally, DLS is equipped to provide support to families who are looking for learning supports and solutions that can be provided in a caring, compassionate, competent, and trustworthy environment.

Dynamic Learning Solutions believes that all children can learn and should be encouraged to experience learning success through systematic, scientifically-based instruction supported by divine guidance.

The staff at DLS care deeply about their work and the families and students they serve.

Our services include:

Diagnostic Evaluation
Small Classes
Writing / Homework Lab

Software Support
Teacher Training
Parent Training Consultation

Speech / Language Therapy
Advocacy Support
College Test Prep (SAT and ACT)
Proctoring tests for BYU online courses

We encourage you to contact us to schedule an initial free consultation.


BYU online proctor site

DLS announces that it is a local site for students to come and take tests for their courses through BYU online. Tests are administered at a rate of $25/hour.

Summer Programming

This summer there are teachers and special educators available to assist your child with intervention services.  Classes may be developed if there is enough interest in the following areas:  math, reading, writing, SAT/ACT prep, study skills. 

Please contact me if you would like to be put on a list for a class in any of these skill areas.  Private tutoring is also available.


Cathy Pease, M.A., CCC-SLP
Director, Dynamic Learning Solutions